Free Yoga Open afternoon
Saturday 24 June, 1.30 - 4pm
to celebrate International Yoga week
enjoy an afternoon with our Yoga teachers & a cup of tea (chai & herbal)
practise some simple Yoga stretches, Pranayam and Meditation & relaxation
learn about Prenatal Yoga 

more details will follow

Yoga & Relaxation
Sunday  2 July, 9 - 2pm & Kureelpa (on the range 10 minutes up from Nambour)
Yoga practises for a healthier life
replenish, rejuvenate and regenerate with Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation
cook a nourishing vegetarian meal & enjoy lunch together

Tyagapuri Nauli Bhujangasan (2) Yummy Dhal Retreat eating Kureelpa  
cost: $60 or $100 for two
booking required 5479 4833 or 5441 7566

Community Night, Satsang & Meditation
Friday 2 June from 6pm

  Satsang at YIDLSScoast 2
share spiritual company, great music & meditation & vegetarian dinner
donation $10 (flowers & healthy sweets nuts etc are welcome)

Time for Peace
an evening of Meditation Music
on Bansuri & Shakuhacki Bamboo Flute
played by Swami Madhuram Puri
Friday 4 August 6.30 pm


Urban Yoga retreat 2 October
Monday 9.30 am - 1.30 pm
with live music
Balance and Harmony, Clarity & Mindfulness
take some quality time out for yourself…Attune your physical, mental and energetic being for a year of health and harmony.
Invigorating yoga + deep relaxation + a delicious vegetarian lunch

Cobra   Easy Yoga arm stretching   Retreat lunch
Let go of physical and mental stress and move to a more rested and relaxed state, using classical Yoga postures to release tension. Awaken the chakras, relax with guided meditation and Yoga Nidra to fully restore body and mind.
Enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch surrounded by peaceful atmosphere and good company.This Urban Retreat will be held in the peaceful & spacious Maroochdyore Yoga in Daily Life Centre.
Contribution $50 or $90 for two - includes lunch
Bookings appreciated for catering purposes
suitable for anyone with some Yoga experience
or join us for 6.15pm class - 10am class is cancelled on this day

Hatha Yoga Kriyas Cleanse
15 Oct, 8 - 1.30pm

Hatha Kriyas twisting_copy Nauli Shanka Prakshalan Relaxation with 3
Nauli & Shanka Prakshalan
Practice ancient techniques of Hatha Yoga to cleanse and revitalise the body, mind and soul. These are techniques that work on every level of being, and are thus an essential part of every serious Yoga practitioner's Sadhana/Practice.
Time proven simple techniques to cleanse the whole body under the experienced guidance of Karma Sannyasi Tyagapuri, help to prepare the body for the next season.
A healthy bowel system supports better mental and emotional balance and dramatically improves the strength of your Immune system.
Contribution $90 or $70 concession, register your interest as places are limited
(Includes recipe booklet for after-cleanse diet.)
Discount fee for repeaters
Early bird discount if paid before 25th Sept
here is what the participants say....
Enjoyed learning this process and learning about my body and the flows of the digestive system."
" I liked how Tyag kept good humour through the process and shared his experience and realized knowledge."
The instructor demonstrated sound practical knowledge of all the practices. He was always encouraging and supportive and his lighthearted manner most refreshing.
  The participants were also encouraging and supportive of each other. I felt part of a friendly, respectful group."
Although it was my first cleanse, I found it a very benefical experience. It was very well timed as I was also clearing old patterns within myself. Tyag looked after us all very well and the day flowed beautifully. It is now the 9th day and I feel clearer, healthier and ready to shift into the new season knowing I am not taking the old with me. A big thank you from me...and you might just see me at the next one."

Rediscover the True You: Yoga in Daily Life Retreat
30 July till 4 August 2017

SR-Beach-3  SR-Yoga-Room  SR-Rainforest-Hut-outside  SR-Sunrise
Yoga in Daily Life Retreat

A mid year break to reconnect to yourself & allow your life bloom into vitality, inspiration & aliveness with an authentic holistic supported Yoga & Meditation practice. While we all ‘exist’, we know there is more to life. Take some time out to rediscover your true nature and let your life bloom into vitality, inspiration and aliveness. This is what the authentic Yoga in Daily Life practice offers.

This retreat offers you daily Yoga classes, guided meditations, yoga nidra, mini workshops, inspiring talks and ample free time to relax or explore within the pristine nature of tropical North Queensland, ensuring a balanced, nourishing and enriching experience.

Where:   Sanctuary Retreat, Mission Beach Queensland
Included:   Accommodation, meals & all yoga programs
Interested?   Email melbourne@yogaindailylife. org







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