Community Night, Satsang & Meditation

Friday 14 December Christmas Satsang

starts 6pm with chanting, meditation and includes a light vegetarian meal

Satsang at YIDLSScoast 2 IMG_2222
Celebrate spiritual community with our Yoga group. Experience the joy of Kirtan and the teachings of our Bhajans.
donation $10 (or bring something to share, also flowers & healthy sweets nuts etc are welcome)

Australia Day Yoga Retreat

Monday 28 January, 9 - 1pm

Take some quality time out for yourself…Expand your Practise with Level V Asanas & Practise

Dhanurasan Level V (1) Yoga Purification 10 - Relaxation Russel L1100093 IMG_1743

Invigorating yoga + deep relaxation + a delicious vegetarian lunch
Let go of physical and mental stress and move to a more rested and relaxed state, using classical Yoga postures to release tension, awaken the chakras, guided meditation and deep relaxation to fully restore body and mind.
Enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch surrounded by peaceful atmosphere and good company.This Urban Retreat will be held in the peaceful & spacious Maroochdyore Yoga in Daily Life Centre.

Our special Australia Day retreat will focus on level five asanas and special pranayama techniques for mental and emotional balance.Variations for any level of experience are offered, making the Day suitable for all.
Also enjoy deep yogic relaxation, guided meditation and a delicious vegetarian lunch in our peaceful seaside studio.
contribution $50 or $90 for two,  includes lunch
Bookings appreciated for catering purposes

Hinterland Yoga Day Retreat  (5 minutes up from Nambour)

Yoga for a Healthy Gut & Good digestion

Sunday 17 Feb 2019, 9 - 2pm

Yoga practises for good digestion, relaxation and guided Meditation.

Delicious vegetarian lunch, learn to cook and how to prepare a simple inexepensive probiotic drink.

Kureelpa entrance 2 Shashankasan Meditation Kureelpa 

Cost $60 or $100 for 2 people includes lunch & water kefir

Regular classes on Wednesdays 6pm & Fridays 9am


Yoga & the Chakras workshop & Meditation

with MM Swami Jasrajpuri

Saturdays in 2019, 2 -4 pm 


IMG_0525  IMG_2114  All major chakras

Yoga is often understood to be series of postures and breathing exercises for nurturing health, balance and harmony in the body. However the treasures of Yoga span far beyond the physical. All authentic Yoga practices have at their heart a gradual quest towards understanding, and sublimating the mind. Eventually merging the individual self in meditation (samādhi). 

Contribution $35 includes light refreshment (or pay $60 for two)


New Year Retreat

Recharge, Relax and Rejoice
Thursday 27 December 2017 - Tuesday 1 January 2019

This New Year Yoga Retreat is designed specifically for this auspicious time of year giving the space to let go of the old and embrace the new. It offers an opportunity for you to reconnect with body, mind and spirit and reignite your inner spark. A balanced combination of yoga, meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra (deep relaxation), delicious vegetarian meals and more within the beautiful surrounds of the Royal National Park and the pristine South Coast beaches. Altogether it is the perfect way to start the New Year and bring back that feeling of health, happiness and clarity.

This year we again welcome special guest yogi Mahamandaleshwar Swami Jasraj Puri to our retreat. Australian born, from 1996 to this year Swami Jasraj was living in India at the Yoga in Daily Life ashram in Rajasthan and also spent time studying and practicing in the Himalayas. Currently he is teaching at Yoga in Daily Life Brisbane. 

Swami Jasraj is a highly respected and inspiring yogi whose immersion in the authentic yogic practices and life in India has contributed to his deep insight and experiences. With his western background we have the unique opportunity to learn from someone who can offer us these valuable ancient teachings in a modern and relevant context in a clear, down to earth manner. He will add a whole new awesome dimension to our New Year Retreat!

Our other teachers at the retreat will be Yamuna & Tyag from Yoga in Daily Life Sunshine Coast. More details

Hatha Yoga Kriyas Cleanse

8 - 1.30 pm, TBA 

or on request for a group of at least 4

Hatha Kriyas twisting_copyNauli Shanka PrakshalanRelaxation with 3
Nauli & Shanka Prakshalan
Practice ancient techniques of Hatha Yoga to cleanse and revitalise the body, mind and soul. These are techniques that work on every level of being, and are thus an essential part of every serious Yoga practitioner's Sadhana/Practice.
Time proven simple techniques to cleanse the whole body under the experienced guidance of Karma Sannyasi Tyagapuri, help to prepare the body for the next season.
A healthy bowel system supports better mental and emotional balance and dramatically improves the strength of your Immune system.
Contribution $90 or $70 concession, register your interest as places are limited
(Includes recipe booklet for after-cleanse diet.)
Discount fee for repeaters

here is what the participants say....
"Myself and Amy did really well for the week after eating baby like food to start with and made really good use of the recipe booklet.
I really enjoyed the experience and couldn't have had of a nicer group of people to do it with. Really nice."
Enjoyed learning this process and learning about my body and the flows of the digestive system."
" I liked how Tyag kept good humour through the process and shared his experience and realized knowledge."
The instructor demonstrated sound practical knowledge of all the practices. He was always encouraging and supportive and his lighthearted manner most refreshing.
  The participants were also encouraging and supportive of each other. I felt part of a friendly, respectful group."
Although it was my first cleanse, I found it a very benefical experience. It was very well timed as I was also clearing old patterns within myself. Tyag looked after us all very well and the day flowed beautifully. It is now the 9th day and I feel clearer, healthier and ready to shift into the new season knowing I am not taking the old with me. A big thank you from me...and you might just see me at the next one."


Yoga In Daily Life Sunshine Coast

Suite 6, 80 Sixth Avenue,

Maroochydore, QLD 4558